The Sufferlings: An Homage

Here at Sufferfest Studios, we love email from you guys. Part of it is because we just like getting mail - it make us feel good - and part of it is because Sufferfest customers are a unique breed...the kind who tell us how much we're hated, despised and reviled in that loving, kind, all embracing kind of way that only Sufferfesters can.

Today, we got this email and had to share it with you. It comes from emma0897 and...cripe, it made us s&!t scared of our own freaking videos! Here it is - an....homage, shall we say?

"I have known that this day would come for a while now. Each night, lying awake…..sweating, dreading the final ticks of the clock. The thoughts of what is to come haunts me. Although I know every aspect of what I am about to experience, a journey so many have taken before me, I am finding myself in complete despair. What did I do……how did my life come to this? The wife approaches, “what would you like for dinner?” “Pasta,” I answer, as if my muscle glycogen and carb stores will help in any way. My meal over, I hear the bell toll. It is time.

I walk that long lonely hallway to the torture chamber. I pass by others who call out to me, “Daddy, are you going….” “Yes sweetheart, it is time for daddy to see Angels.” There it is, the machine that will destroy my body. Many say that its not bad, and I wont feel a thing, but I know that the suffering I am about to experience is the thing nightmares are made of. Enough time wasted, I click myself in, as the power is turned on.

There they are…….those haunting eyes that I dream about. “I am The Sufferfest” it says, “Are you ready to suffer?“ I’m ready. Bring it!

My name is written in blood along side all those who have come before me. Our names are not important. You may call us, The Sufferlings!!!"

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