Race organiser? Need cycling video prizes?

If you're a race organiser (road, 'cross or mountain) and need some prizes for your podium, The Sufferfest is here to help. We'll provide a copy of one of our videos for your 3rd place finishers. Why not the winner? Simple. Because he or she is already pretty fast. But it's clear that the 3rd place finisher needs to train a little bit harder. So that's where we come in. A few Sufferfest sessions and that also-ran will be striking fear into the hearts of former 1st place finishers.

What do you need to do? Just drop me an email at david @ thesufferfest.com and tell me about you and your race. Oh, to all you ProTour race organisers, we're not interested in sponsoring you. We want local races, heart-and-soul, passion-for-the-sport type stuff.

Sorry. This offer won't last too long, so let me know!

David McQuillen
David McQuillen


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