Which Sufferfest?

Thinking about buying your first Sufferfest, but not sure which one is for you? First of all, congratulations for refusing to accept boring trainer workouts, bad music and lame video. And good for you that you want to drive yourself into the ground racing against the pros. Well done. Let's see....where to start if you're not sure which to buy?
  • You are: Someone who has never done a Sufferfest, aren't super-fit and isn't ready for intervals at nearly maximum effort. Start with: Angels. The efforts aren't as intense as in most of the other videos, and the durations are short enough that you can get through them. Just ignore the attacks in the climbs or you'll blow yourself to smithereens. If you think you can handle longer intervals, then go for The Hunted, which has a 20minute climb in it.
  • You are: A super-fit racer who knows a thing or two about Suffering and is training to race. Start with: Fight Club. The attacks are great race simulation. Then go for Revolver. Then do them back-to-back.
  • You are: Looking for high-intensity, structured intervals to make you go faster. Start with: The Downward Spiral or Revolver.
  • You are: A lunch-time warrior and have only 60 minutes to get on that bike, workout and take a shower. Start with: Revolver. The workout is about 45minutes (you'll be very glad about that as the workout is very intense), so you'll have time to get into the shower and back to the desk.
If you're still not sure, just drop me a line at david @ thesufferfest and I'll help you out!

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