A few recent letters

I'm constantly so impressed with what people are getting out of The Sufferefst. And humbled that these videos have had such a profound impact on how people train indoors, in fact the very way they think about indoor training. I thought I'd share some of the emails I've received lately:

I am a 59 year old avid cyclist and I hate Winter when I am forced to use an indoor trainer. I despise training on an indoor trainer. However, I have all your free podcast training videos and have bought your two commercial products for for some reason by watching your videos I can force myself to actually work out on a trainer. I could not get a good workout on the trainer without following your videos. I absolutely HATE training on an indoor trainer but your videos somehow transform the workout into something I look forward to do despite how very hard they are to do. I do not know why watching you your videos inspires me but they do. Great job on making a dreaded task become something rather fun."
David, USA

Re: Fight Club. I am speechless. Called it a day after lap 3. At least I've got something to aspire towards. You are one very sick individual. Bradley, Scotland
Picked up the first video after seeing it on bike rumor and did the workout today - BRILLIANT!  The execution is spot on and integrating the trainer workout into actual race footage is a great idea - honestly I don't know why it has taken so long.  Over the past 15 years I have spent countless hours on the trainer punishing myself while watching old race coverage on the VCR and cranking music, but having the workout synced with the action brings it to a whole new level - keep them coming."
Cullen, USA

I've just completed my first go at the Downward Spiral... It was the fastest hour I have ever spent on the turbo, even though there were moments when time clearly went backwards...! Truely awesome - you are clearly very evil - I look forward to more Sufferfest vids! I didn't expect to swear at a video, but all I can say is that be the end of my "bonus" intervals, it was a good job the kids were fast asleep - they would have heard some very bad words!!!"
Gareth, England

Just wanted to say thanks for the inspiring training video its absolutely amazing, you really earned the name sufferfest. It really is like the personal coach I've always wanted and I'm gonna kick some bodys ass next year and your training film is going to make that possible."
Andy, Ireland

You are seriously doing great work. I ride myself into places I can't go by myself with your stuff.  I just did Ironman Arizona and had a 5:05 bike split.   I have four kids and not a lot of time to train so my two times a week sufferfests made the difference. Absolutely the best indoor workout I have ever done."
Rico, USA

I only began cycling last June, so this is my first experience riding indoors. Before I engaged in your Sufferfest videos I feared I would lose the fitness I had built this summer, but I was most joyously mistaken. As I embrace the feeling of utter exhaustion upon completing a ride, your workouts ensure that no matter how inclement the weather, I will always have a realistic option to outdoor riding. The Sufferfest has also  improved my pedal stroke, as the ability to pedal nonstop while indoors has allowed me to focus more on power and efficiency. This has resulted in improved performance on the road, as I have been able to complete my regular course almost 1/2 mile an hour faster than before. My most appreciative thoughts for Sufferfest are reserved for the financial aspect though. I have suspended my gym membership in order to ride my own road bike on a trainer, thus saving me roughly $80.00 month (minus $10.00 for the Downward Spiral, and the $130.00 for the trainer of course). 
David, USA

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