Four stars on!

David over at Road.CC put himself through the Downward Spiral and gave it a much-sought-after four out of five star rating! He also gave it a 9/10 for 'Performance' and a 9/10 for 'Value.' Fantastic. Personally, I would have hoped that he would have been too shattered after doing the workout to even write the review. Here's the first paragraph from the site...along with a line that proves he was well and truly suffering...
"If you like the idea of turbo training but you can't stand the monotony then there's plenty of ways to keep yourself occupied, from your iPod to a full VR trainer. But at just €5.99 this 60-minute workout from The Sufferfest is a real bargain, and it's a session you can repeat without it becoming stale." "Needless to say it's pretty intense, and normally where I'd struggle to leave the 160s on the HRM, on this session I was pushing 178 max. The structure of the spiral means that you can really ramp up the effort as the intervals get shorter. So top marks on both counts."

You can read the rest of it here.

David McQuillen
David McQuillen


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