Pictures worth a thousand sufferings

Here in Sufferfest Studios, I scour the world to bring you the coolest, most motivating footage possible to match the workouts I've designed. The Downward Spiral features footage from five different sources. Here's a little more about them: 

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WARM-UP: Team Everyday - Slovenia's Team Everyday was set-up to give the up-and-coming mountain bikers a vehicle to compete internationally. The Downward Spiral warm-up opens up with a trial-run from one of the team's downhill mountain bikes on the championship course in Canberra, Australia. It's pretty entertaining stuff, and really gets the blood flowing.

CLOSE THE GAP/RECOVERIES: Cycling Tips Blog - Canadian Wade Wallace, who runs Cycling Tips Blog, is a top-notch racer down in Australia. He shot the footage of the Melbourne criterum that opens up the harder part of the warm-up, as well as all the recovery sessions between intervals. The 'close the gap' section of The Downward Spiral is one of the most popular parts of the video, and we've got Wade's helmet-cam to thank for that!

INTERVALS FROM HELL: Amaury Sports Organisation (ASO) - The ASO granted The Sufferfest the rights to two of the most prestigious spring classics: Paris-Roubaix and Fleche-Wallone. These races were some of the most exciting of the year, and Tom Boonen's Paris-Roubaix win, in particular, is often cited as one of the most impressive rides by any racer. I was THRILLED to get these races into this cycling workout video. One of my favorite parts of the whole workout is when Boonen is powering through the crowd on one of the cobbled sections.

RECOVERY: The Rooster Blocker - Although he doesn't want his real name published, I have to thank The Rooster Blocker for the fantastic footage of the off-road footage in the Oregon forest. It's lush, green, easy watching stuff that works perfectly for the 5 minute recovery period between interval sets. It really made me want to go to Oregon for some riding - it looks fantastic!

WARM-DOWN: Gorilla Bikes - The guys at Gorilla Bikes in Zurich, Switzerland, are friends of mine. They're making some of the coolest, old-school bikes out there. Their founder is a designer, and it shows in the beauty of their machines. The warm-down features their entry in the 2009 Zurich Bicycle Film Festival. It's shot in Paris, and features some stunt riding (on a full size road bike!), bike polo, cruising the streets of Paris and some fantastic music.

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