Pick of the Week at Velocast.co.uk!

The guys (John, specifically) over at VeloCast were kind enough to review a copy of The Downward Spiral and....they suffered like pigs. and gave it their coveted 'Pick of the Week!' "You don't have to think - you just get on and do what it tells you...the music is appropriate and the video is appropriate to what you have to do...it really gets you psyched! It took my mind off the horror of an hour on the turbo, and it hurt like hell! I'm walking like John Wayne today, I'm telling you!"

I'm over the moon about that, since these guys really know what they're talking about. Have a listen to episode 56, which you can find here or in iTunes. The Sufferfest is covered in the last 5 minutes. Subscribe to their podcast - it's great stuff!


David McQuillen
David McQuillen


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