The Downward Spiral Soundtrack

Choosing the music for The Downward Spiral was one of the hardest parts of this project. Because I wanted to keep the purchase price below 10 USD, it meant I couldn't afford my favorite songs from my favorite banks. The rights for individual tracks in that category cost upwards of several, several thousands of dollars each.  With 16 tracks on The Downward Spiral, that gets waaaaaay too expensive. So, I had to find as great as music as possible at a cost I could afford so that you'd only have to pay 5.99 Euro.

Man, I must have listened to hundreds of hours of music. Seriously. And most of it was....not good. But I suffered for you guys! And I really like what I've come up with here. I went with an all rock/alt-rock selection by bands you...probably never heard of, but probably should.

For you electronic/dance/trance fiends, have no fear - I am one of you. The next Sufferfest, 'Berg! Attack!,' out in December, will be all electronic (hey, no complaining out of you rock dudes!).

Soundtrack for The Downward Spiral (in order)

David McQuillen
David McQuillen


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