Two New Sufferfest videos in production!

My god, it's fall already...all of us here at Sufferfest Studios (that would be, uh, me) hope you had a nice, easy and enjoyable outdoor season and are ready to get back down to the hard, nasty, sweaty, grimy, hard-as-nails indoor season again. All that outdoor stuff is cake compared to what awaits you and your aspirations for 2010 this winter!!!!!

I've started production on Sufferfest 6 and 7. Yay! More misery to keep you company! SF6 will be out in November, and SF7 will come out in early December. Both will be about an hour long. SF6 is shaping up to be a real ass-kicker, with 'stair' climbs and a big power effort at the end. SF7 looks like it's going to be about sprints and bursts, but I'm not entirely sure as new inspiration keeps coming in as I design the workout.

Due to copyright issues for both video and music, I'm not going to be able to re-release SF1-5. Sigh. I know, I know. If you've got them, great. If you don't, well, just wait for SF6 and 7.

I've negotiated the rights to all the video and music in the new SFs, or loyal Sufferers like yourself have donated their own first-person video. Since I actually have to pay for most of this stuff now, the new SFs won't be free - I'll have to charge something (but well below what you'd have to pay for a cycling dvd). I'm sure you'll find that to be unmatched value for the smack-down suffering you'll receive in return. Of course, you could always save a few bucks and stare at the wall while you do your intervals....

Oh, and thanks for the SufferShoutOut over at! (

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