An inspiring story - and thanks to Team Crank IT

We get a lot of nice mail from folks telling us how much they love suffering to The Sufferfest. It's always really cool and motivating to hear good words, and also to get ideas on how to improve the videos. Sometimes, though, a mail comes through that is really inspiring and makes us realise that being able to ride a bike and feel fit isn't a right - it's a gift. We thought we'd pass on such a mail for you to read. Thanks, Brenda, for allowing us to share this...

Hello Sufferfest gang, I can't tell you what a life changing product you have provided. I am a 45 year old mom/wife/teacher/athlete?? I have been active all my life. Running, hockey, soccer. It's a blast, but I've had 4 subsequent knee scopes and partially torn both acl's. Still unwilling to give up, I kept playing and did my knees in with the last injury. After 2 years of burning pain, another surgery and months of Physical Therapy, the injury became back related as well.

I began a series of injections and epidurals...I couldn't walk 100 yards without great pain. The pain management specialist eventually told me to quit PT, which I did. I gained close to 20 pounds and felt sorry for myself. Lots of sitting around, lots of ibuprofin, no more traveling with my family, no walks with my dogs etc. I tried a spinning class at a local gym. I could ride, but not for a full hour at that intensity. I thought I was done. If only there was a way to ride the spin bike at your own pace.....

I discovered The Sufferfest by accident a few days after my original IPod died. I made a comittment, purchased the IPod Touch and downloaded the 3 available Sufferfest videos. I started January 5, 2009. I've lost 15 pounds, can ride for at least 90 minutes at a good intensity and I began running again (though only on a treadmill, only twice a week and only under 5 miles.) and I can see the light again...also, I dig the music and the footage! I've been spreading the word. I'll bet you never expected to have such a profound effect when you set out! Maybe no more soccer, but I've entered a 10K with my 12 year old again.

Thanks for such a great product!

- Brenda

We also want to thank the monsters over at Team Crank IT. The Captain sent us a note informing us that we are now honorary members of Team Crank IT...and also sent an awesome cycling cap in the mail! It seems these full Ironman nutcases are big Sufferfest users - and judging by their training diaries, they are going to crush the field when they are here in Zurich for Ironman Switzerland. Thanks, guys - Looking forward to meeting up with you when you're here!

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