Watching Cycling Podcasts while Spinning

We're a bit of voyeur here at Sufferfest Studios, and we're often checking out the latest comments about the site at cycling forums. We stumbled across one the other day that had an interesting survey going on - where do you have your indoor training bike and what is it like?

Most folks seemed to have theirs in the garage. And most seemed to be an old bike hooked up to a turbo trainer. Ah, different strokes for different folks. Well, here is how we do it at Sufferfest Studios. While we used to have a turbo trainer hooked up to our carbon bike (which always got us just a bit nervous...), we finally plunked down and bought a spin bike. Why?

Well, first, they're stable. You're simply not going to get a lot of flex out of these things when you're out of the saddle climbing and you're not going to feel like you'll fall off (Roller purists, you can stop reading now). Second, our bike is safe in the storage room where it is not suffering from flex or anything evil like that. Third, the Tomahawk E Series we got is adjustable enough, and has a multi-position handlebar that's much better than that Schwinn stuff out there.

So, that's the bike taken care of. Now for the, workout. First, we believe the launch of the video iPod was probably the most important thing to happen to indoor cycling since the walkman (wait, were spinning bikes around then?). For those of you who workout at the gym, or who don't have a computer or TV in your workout room, an iPod strapped to our spinbike's handlebars works a treat. Gets a bit sweaty. Would not - repeat, would NOT - recommend this to any of you still using rollers. Bad idea. Very bad.


Of course, those of you who do have a laptop around, and want to watch the latest Sufferfest Video Podcast Workout, need to figure out a way to set that up. David Hancock, over at our Sufferfest Test Studio in London, has a little setup with his bike in front of the laptop in what appears to be the middle of the dining room. Complete with flowerish decoration behind the laptop. This, folks, is an excellent way to show up for dinner with the missus while still being on your bike. Brilliant. So. What does your indoor training setup look like?

David McQuillen
David McQuillen


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