20 New Training Plans Available Now


Now there are even more ways for you to get #MoreThanFaster.

The Sufferfest / Wahoo Fitness Sports Science Division, led by coaches Mac Cassin and Neal Henderson, have created  20 new training plans for road (including crits!) gravel, mountain biking, off-road triathlon and eSports. These plans add to the already extensive library of training plans available as part of your subscription to The Sufferfest. Many of the plans are designed to seamlessly integrate with The Sufferfest Strength Training for Cyclists program and are tailored to your Four-Dimensional Power profile.


Create Your Own Plan with Building Blocks 

Want to build your own plan that focuses on improving a particular 4DP® metric? The new plans include a series of 3-week and 4-week Building Block plans to target FTP, Maximal Aerobic Power, or Anaerobic Capacity and Neuromuscular Power. There are also 3-week and 4-week Base and Tempo blocks to give you even more flexibility in building your plan. The Base and Tempo blocks are perfect for those times when you're in between plans but still want some structure to your training. Find the Building Block Plans in the Special Focus section of the Training Plans Library. 


Get the Most Out of Your Free Trial

Just starting your free trial and want to get the most out of the app? The new 14-day Trial plan will give you a solid tour of what The Sufferfest has to offer while providing a great training boost.


Stand-Alone Yoga and Strength Training

Want to add yoga or strength training to your existing plan? We have you covered. You can find stand-alone yoga and strength plans under the Cross Training section of the Training Plans library.


Here's What's New:

  • 14-Day Free Trial Plan
  • MTB - In Season (accommodates races during the plan)
  • MTB - In Season - Strength Integrated (accommodates races during the plan)
  • Time Trial - Strength Integrated
  • Criterium - In Season (accommodates races during the plan)
  • Mountainous Gran Fondo  - Strength Integrated
  • Century - Strength Integrated
  • Metric Century  - Strength Integrated
  • eSports - Strength Integrated
  • Gravel - Strength Integrated
  • Base: 3-week and 4-week Building Block Plans
  • Tempo: 3-week and 4-week Building Block Plans
  • FTP: 3-week and 4-week Building Block Plans
  • MAP: 3-week and 4-week Building Block Plans
  • AC/NM: 3-week and 4-week Building Block Plans
  • Off-Road Tri 
  • Off-Road Tri - Designed for Strength
  • Plan Add-ons (These plans allow yoga or strength training to be applied to your calendar independently).
    • 3:1 Yoga Add-on plans (for plans with a 3 week on / 1 week off structure)
    • 2:1 Yoga Add-on plans (for plans with a 2 week on / 1 week off structure)
    • Taper Strength Add-on plans

These new plans can also be used as the framework for one of our Basic or Advanced Customized Training Plans, which start at US$139 and come with a money-back guarantee. Complete info on Customized Plans is available here.

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