Dame Janis Denning's Mt. Sufferlandria

After a long winter of drinking Tears of the Vanquished in bike torture chambers across Sufferlandria and its Annexed Territories, the Sufferlandrian removes their bike from the turbo trainer and sets out to test their newfound power and speed. In a perfect world we would attempt to seize the Strava K/QOM on Mt. Sufferlandria, but it's often choked with lava snow so thick it could gag a pain sucker and so we attack other challenges.

As part of our #SUFFER365 series we asked Sufferlandrians to tell us about their personal Mt. Sufferlandria - that impossibly steep hill, race, HC climb, training loop or challenge that they test themselves against. Dame Janis Denning, KOS, had this to say...

Minions: Tell us about your personal Mt. Sufferlandria.

 My go to ride is a roughly 15 mile/1200 ft elevation loop to and from from my house that I call "escaping from my kids."  My challenge as a full time working mom is finding time to ride.  With this ride I can be done and back and completely spent in an hour. I try to ride the entire thing as fast as I can and treat it as my own personal Long Scream. My loop has multiple Strava segments strung together and I hold a couple of QOMs!  The final climb averages 6%. At 1.7 miles long it's always hard. 

minions: when did you start using the sufferfest videos?

I started cycling as a commuter in 1995 in southern California. Then I worked my way up to off road and mountain biking.  When I moved to northern California in 1998 I worked up the courage to try amateur mountain bike racing. I got my first road bike after my oldest son was born and I just didn't have the time for off road riding anymore. Then rode sporadically for years between going back to school, moving to Oregon, then more kids.

I got serious about using my trainer November 2014.  I was tired of losing cycling form over the winter and though I told myself I would run in the winter I never did.  I found some workouts on YouTube and from there discovered Sufferfest.  Fight Club was the first video.  Did my first Tour of Sufferlandria in 2015 and I haven't looked back. I’m also the lucky winner of the super awesome Stages SC3 from this year’s Tour!

Minions: Which videos have helped you conquer your Mt. Sufferlandria?

Angels and The Hunted are my go to climbing videos. Since I started training smarter and harder with these videos, my times up the Wisteria climb have improved by over two minutes! When I first started doing it my times were well over 13 minutes.  Now my PR is 11:18 and I'm always trying to beat that. Today was 11:40. Maybe one day I'll get the QOM...


Since we last spoke to Dame Janis she has upped the ante even further and went out and got herself a race license and entered her first road race in June. It's time to put all that Suffering to good use!

If you're inspired by Dame Janis then go out and ride your personal Mt. Sufferlandria. #SUFFER365

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