Suffering Through the Giro With Power Station

The moment I finished Power Station for the first time I was in love. Here was a video built for me - grindingly slow cadences, sustained five minute power, throbbing tunes... I was spellbound. And, I'll get in trouble for saying this (Grunter forgive me!), the video, at first glance is a bit easy*...

I say that because, compared to many of our other videos, there's not a lot of time spent above threshold and there's a reasonable amount of recovery built in across the 11 walls, as they are affectionately known. I've reviewed many of my fellow Sufferlandrian's power profiles to notice that they feel the same - we're all overdoing it!

Data from our app, which captured an overzealous Sufferlandrian overcooking it in the first few intervals.

But Power Station delivers and, even though you might feel unstoppable as the world's greatest Volcano Climber during the workout, it's one of those where you wake up the next day and feel like you've been trampled by a herd of wild Sufferlandrian Wildebeests

here's what your fellow sufferlandrians are saying about Power Station

FACT: the primary export from Sufferlandria is refined lactic acid. So it's no surprise that Sufferlandrians took a shine to this workout. Exports have Gruntupled since we released it in late January 2016.

Chris McDonnell has incorporated Power Station into his regular training and has seen some great results.

Gill has felt the slow burn of Power Station's brand of Suffering:
 the workout

Power Station is another arrow from the quiver of Sir Neal Henderson from Apex Coaching and it's unlike any other workout in The Sufferfest catalogue. The focus is on driving low cadences (60-75 RPM) through sustained power intervals - with a few surges and attacks thrown in for good measure. The aim of the workout is to improve the power you can apply at each pedal stroke. With adequate training and as part of a structured plan, this workout will help lead to a boost in your FTP and general fitness.

the footage

The footage is plucked from Tirenno-Adriatico, Milan San Remo and the 2015 Giro d'Italia, with on-board camera and motorbike shots from the dirt slopes of the formidable Monte Zoncolan. In your quest to conquer the Hit By A Wall Race, you'll encounter some epic pain faces, Couchlandrian Missionaries, lava snow and a pesky news reporter delivering some bad news. You're treated to something really special in the cool-down section, but I won't ruin the surprise by spilling the beans in this post. #Hulking 

the music

The music in Power Station... eh, what can I say?! I chose most of the tracks so I love each and every one. There's a real throbbing electronic and glitchy vibe to this soundtrack, with some up-tempo recovery tracks that help you soar into the next interval.

I really can't pick just one song to highlight, so here's the whole playlist (or, at least, those we could find on Spotify). My top 3 are Calypso, Texmex and The Summit.

Who should do Power Station

This question can be addressed in another way, as there are a those among us who really shouldn't do Power Station

  • If you have knee issues, then the low cadences can put undue strain on your joints, ligaments and musculature. If that's the case, increase your cadence to a minimum of 80 RPM and enjoy the workout that way.
  • If you've been doing A LOT of training lately and your legs have felt pretty drained then doing Power Station shouldn't be at the top of your list. In light of this, Stage 9 of the 2016 Tour of Sufferlandria was incredibly cruel!
  • Avoid working Power Station into the first days of a training week. For example, if you're planning a three day block of training (Tues-Thurs), then slot Power Station in on the Thursday. Take a lighter day with a focus on high cadence on Friday and then hit the weekend with all you got.
tips for getting the most out of power station
  • Don't get cocky. I know I said it was easy. It's really not. If you're feeling strong, stick to the zones and focus on optimising the efficiency of your pedal stroke and stabilising your hips and torso, relaxing your grip and releasing any tension in your shoulders. Trust me, the gains will follow and the pain will creep in over the next day or two.
  • If you use a turbo trainer and have difficulty simulating standing climbs, remain seated and stable and hit the target efforts from the saddle. Power climbing from the saddle is all the rage these days, ever since Peter Sagan powered away at the Tour of Flanders.
  • Keep your weight over the back wheel of your bike. Perching too far forward may feel more natural at first, but when you get out into the real world you may lose traction and power if you're too far forward. Plus, it's harder to engage the power from your glutes if you're balanced on the tips of your toes.
    now what?

    Get strong and build endurance with Power Station and become the Volcano Climbing Sufferlandrian we all know you're capable of! App subscribers can stream or download the video and it's also available for purchase here.


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