Suffering Through the Giro With ISLAGIATT

Two hours on the trainer. WHO THE HELL WANTS TO SPEND THAT MUCH TIME ON THE TRAINER? Nobody. Well, that is, until you try "It Seemed Like A Good Idea at the Time".

I vaguely remember my first encounter with ISLAGIATT, sometime back in 2014. I had 2 hours to burn and I thought to myself oh how bad can this really be?!?! 

Famous last words.

I was ruined by the third climb. Legs - gone. Heart in my throat. The taste of blood in my mouth. And yet, I had never been more engaged or committed to winning that bloody Most Aggressive Rider and sticking it to Big M and Billboard. 

The story, footage and music are true stand-outs for ISLAGIATT. The 2 hours flew by and before I knew it I had peeled myself off the bike, grabbed a chocolate milk and began plotting my next assault on Mt. Sufferlandria.

But enough about my experience with ISLAGIATT...

here's what your fellow sufferlandrians are saying about ISLAGIATT

Sufferlandrians who have survived ISLAGIATT have been known to have a love-hate relationship with this particular workout. Here's but a sample of their thoughts...

Rob has some payback planned...

Rachel Tibbetts has been there before, so she knows what to expect!

 the workout

Neal Henderson of Apex Coaching, the man behind Blender and Violator, and trainer of world-class cyclists at the highest levels, designed this workout. ISLAGIATT is a shining example of why our Knights of Sufferlandria coined the hashtag #EveryoneHatesSirNeal. You’ll go through moments of glory and moments of doubt, but you’ll come out of it incredibly proud of yourself for finishing this session.

the footage

The footage is from the 2013 Giro d'Italia. You're scaling the slopes of world famous climbs and trying shed some of the world's best GC riders (including Vincenzo Nibali and Cadel Evans) off your wheel. You'll encounter lava snow, hot magma and throngs of supporters while you duke it out for GLORY and the coveted Most Aggressive Rider's jersey.

the music

The soundtrack to ISLAGIATT is a mix of indie and electronic, with a bit of funk/jazz thrown in there to round things out. An epic workout needed epic tunes, and this soundtrack delivers!

One of our favourites is Can't Wait by Phrenik featuring Stiletto.

Who should do ISLAGIATT?

Everybody! Here's why...

  • There's not a single better way to spend 2 hours indoors. On a turbo. We guarantee it!
  • You'll build mental and physical endurance and be ready for any challenge you're training for. 
  • You're looking to improve your speed and ability to sustain power on longer, steadier climbs, century rides, plucky gran fondos or multi-day rides and bikes tours.
  • You're a triathlete and need to get some serious miles in on the trainer during winter if you're ever going to improve your bike leg. Good luck trying to squeeze this into a BRICK session though!
  • You love to SUFFER (which is evident because you've read the article this far!)
tips for getting the most out of ISLAGIATT
  • Prepare at least 3 water bottles and a snack or two and keep them handy - the last thing you want to do is filling bottles while Gloworm is off the front.
  • Don't attempt this ride if you haven't ridden in over 10 days or if you just did a big ride (3+ hours). Also, don't think you'll be able to storm up your favourite local climb the next day. This ride will inject some real fatigue into your system if done right.
  • If and when you crack (everyone cracks), re-focus on levelling off your effort regardless of the cues and bring down your heart rate. You'll start to feel human again pretty soon, and that's when you have to fight back! This will build your mental toughness and you'll draw on this countless times while out riding.
  • Don't look at the clock! There's nothing worse than seeing you have over an hour left in your ride when you're already hurting. Besides, you should be staring at your stem and your stem doesn't tell time!

now what?

Get strong and build endurance with ISLAGIATT and bask in the glory of the Giro today! App subscribers can stream or download the video and it's also available for purchase here.


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