Sir Allan Jacks' Mt. Sufferlandria

After a long winter of drinking Tears of the Vanquished in bike torture chambers across Sufferlandria and its Annexed Territories, the Sufferlandrian removes their bike from the turbo trainer and sets out to test their newfound power and speed. In a perfect world we would attempt to seize the Strava K/QOM on Mt. Sufferlandria, but it's often choked with lava snow so thick it could gag a pain sucker and so we attack other challenges.

As part of our #SUFFER365 series we asked Sufferlandrians to tell us about their personal Mt. Sufferlandria - that impossibly steep hill, race, HC climb, training loop or challenge that they test themselves against. Sir Allan Jacks, KOS, had this to say...

Minions: Tell us about your personal Mt. Sufferlandria.

AJ: When I first got back into cycling I asked the owner of my local bike shop what the worst hill in the area was. Without hesitating he replied: "Copenhaffer Rd.

It's nearly a mile (1.3 KM) long, climbs 400 ft (121m) and averages 9%. This may not sound hard but the worst part kicks to 23%! 

I used to stop at a plateau to let my heart rate decline then take on the final climb which I initially stopped 4 times. As I continued to get stronger and fitter I went further. Before the end of the year I climbed the entire way without stopping. Now it's no longer a challenge but I still have to be careful riding the steep part because the front wheel lifts off the ground if you don't balance right. 

minions: when did you start using the sufferfest videos?

AJ: I was unable to ride year around and just riding on the trainer was about as interesting as watching grass grow. I came across a blog that mentioned these videos that enhanced her training experience. I thought I would give them a try.

[Editor's Note: There Is No Try, there is only do!]

Minions: What video has helped you conquer your Mt. Sufferlandria?

AJ: The video that has helped me most with my Mt Sufferlandria is "To Get to the Other Side". Hills are not just physical, they are just as much mental test and Mike Cotty has some great advice about winning the mind games that I face on hills.


Develop your mental toughness like Sir Allan and visit your bike torture chamber (BTC) today! App subscribers can stream or download To Get to the Other Side and it's also available for purchase here.

After that? Time to go out and ATTACK your very own Mt. Sufferlandria!

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