Suffering Through the Giro With Violator

What do a hamster, a shark, a leopard and an airplane have in common? HINT: They are all things that, as a Sufferlandrian, are much slower than you.

They are also featured in one of our classic speed workouts, Violator. With the Giro d'Italia starting in a few days we thought we'd remind you of all the times you've hurtled yourself towards the finish line (or motivate you to experience it for the very first time - you won't regret it*!).

what your fellow sufferlandrians are saying about Violator

Sir Lee insinuates that even a Couchlandrian could do it. Those are fighting words, Sir Lee!

Sir Aad uses it to work on his weaknesses:

Dame Jo has gained an appreciation of relativity in her interactions with Violator:

@TriDorisimo kisses her loved ones before she starts... 


the workout

Violator is, pure and simple, about sprinting. The workout is designed by elite cycling coach Neal Henderson of Apex Coaching, and it’s the same one he gives to the professional cyclists in his care. Featuring a total of 64** sprints, with durations of 5, 10 and 15 seconds, this is focused, determined training that will ensure you take your rightful place as the Speed Demon of Sufferlandria.

the footage

The footage is from the 2013 Giro d'Italia. You're elbow-to-elbow with the world's best sprinters, including Mark Cavendish, the Manx Missile, in the prime of his life. Honour, glory & victory are on the line. And you don't have any teammates to help you get there!

the music

It’s not everyday you have a cycling training video that features pop, electro, Italian hip hop, opera and instrumental…but, hey, this isn’t just any video!

One of our favourites is Se Ne Va by Blonde Millionaire.

Who should do Violator?

I'm a sprinter but find it hard to sprint on an indoor trainer or turbo, you say? Treat Violator as an opportunity to work on your form and applying power while maintaining total control of your body as it unleashes enough watts to burn a piece of toast.

I'm no sprinter - is Violator right for me? Quite simply yes, because Violator can... 

  • Help build the power and leg speed required to hammer over rolling hills;
  • Train your body to dig deep and then recovery quickly (handy when you want to attack and break away during a criterium, or road race or bomb up a sandy wall in a cyclocross race);
  • Develop your comfort with being very un-comfortable and vanquish any Couchlandrian tendencies (AKA a Sufferlandrian's happy place);
  • At the very least, develop your appreciation for opera and Italian pop music.
now what?

Get fast with Violator and bask in the glory of the Giro today! App subscribers can stream or download the video and it's also available for purchase here.

* You may regret it.

** It's honestly only 64 sprints, we promise!

Jared McClintock
Jared McClintock


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