Using our new videos with our training plans

In the last three months we've added five new cycling videos to our workout catalogue. These videos have covered completely new areas of training and feature some of our best footage and soundtracks. 

Keen to swap these into your regime or plug them into one of our results-oriented training plans? Then read on...

Do As You're Told

Do As You're Told is an out and out speed session, designed by Sir Neal Henderson to have you hit max efforts with varying amounts of, but just never enough, recovery. This workout trains your body to hit hard maximal efforts and recover quickly so you can do it all over again.

Do As You're Told is a perfect substitute for Downward Spiral, and, at under 45 minutes save you a chunk of time (compared to the hour-long Downward Spiral) so you an get back to civilian life (albeit with twitching legs).

DAYT is available for purchase here and to download or stream for all app subscribers.


The Best Thing In The World

The Best Thing in the World takes everything you love* about criteriums and cyclocross and distills it into two race simulations that will challenge your mental and physical capacity. You're on the rivet, so to speak, and there's very little recovery.

Slotting The Best Thing into your training plan instead of The Wretched is a great way keep your training exciting while continuing to develop that high-end power, quick recovery and mental strength essential at the end of a scrappy, aggressive race or killer group ride.

TBTITW is available for purchase here and to download or stream for all app subscribers.


Power Station

Power Station is a strength endurance workout the likes of which we have not incorporated into our catalogue before. This workout focuses on low cadences (60-75 RPM) at threshold efforts and are designed to build the force applied through each pedal stroke - and thus build your ability to generate more power.

Coach Neal Henderson of APEX suggests that this workout slot in as part of your early season training. Power Station is best inserted at the end of a three-day training block (a staple of our training plans) followed by a day of light to moderate activity (or a full rest day). 

Power Station is available for purchase here and to download or stream for all app subscribers.


The Way Out

The Way Out is another foray into uncharted waters. It focuses on tempo and sweet spot training - that level of effort just below your threshold. The beauty is that you can spend a lot of time training in these zones will minimal recovery required during the workout as well as afterwards. When compared to the recovery need from Hell Hath No Fury, you can do another hard session after sweet spot training.

The Way Out fits best into our training plans when there's a call for a moderate outdoor ride. The Way Out is perfect for a rainy day during the summer, or to keep you warm during winter. At just over an hour, you'll beat your ass today and be able to do it all over again tomorrow!

The Way Out is available for purchase here and to download or stream for all app subscribers.


To Get to the Other Side

To Get to the Other Side was our first collaboration with The Col Collective and Mike Cotty. Featuring their signature look at some of the best climbs and rides throughout the world, To Get to the Other Side dials down the intensity and focuses on endurance and tempo training zones. At 1h 30m long, it's far from easy, but the scenery, music and commentary from Mike will help the time fly by.

TGTTOS is another great replacement for any easy to moderate outdoor rides - anytime your outdoor riding plans get ruined by inclement weather (caused, no doubt, by Couchlandrians).

To Get to the Other Side is available for purchase here and to download or stream for all app subscribers.

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