10 New NoVid Workouts Available NOW! Including the original NoVid Blender

Just in time for the start of the indoor season (we know it technically started in March, but hey), the Wahoo / SUF Sports Science team has added 10 new NoVid workouts to our already impressive library of structured workouts.

NoVid workouts are those without an associated video, soundtrack, or storyline. That means you can follow the on-screen prompts or watch your own videos while getting seriously fast.

There are NoVid workouts to build every aspect of your fitness, including the original version of the universally loved / hated Blender workout, the very first workout designed for SUF by Coach Neal Henderson. 



Original NoVid Blender

Duration: 2 hours 13 minutes

What It's About:

(This version of Blender) places a large focus on developing that all-important FTP. The descending time intervals allow for increasing intensity, beginning below threshold and finishing above it, at 105% of your Maximal Aerobic Power (MAP).

At the sub-threshold intensities, your body can clear lactate at the same rate or faster than you produce it. As intensity increases however, the clearing rate decreases, resulting in that well-known leg burn. Increasing the intensity in this manner with short recovery periods teaches your body to clear lactate faster so you can ride harder for longer.

So get ready to churn through some lactic acid and embrace the burn as the intervals get shorter and harder!



MAP: 6 x 2

Duration: 1 hour 27 minutes

What It's About:

This MAP intensive session gives you six two minute intervals to hone in on your VO2 max. With three minute recovery periods, you'll have enough recovery to keep these MAP efforts of high quality and you won't be tempted to bail out early, as might be the case in Nine Hammers or Revolver.



Tempo/Threshold/MAP: 6 x 3-2-1

Duration: 1 hour 33 Minutes

What It's About:

This should be a key session for anyone who wants to improve their FTP, oxygen utilization efficiency, and the ability to recover quickly between hard efforts. The efforts themselves aren't outrageous, but the short recovery periods and the demand to continue repeating them make this a challenging session.

The main set of the workout contains six sets of:
3 minutes at 90% LT power + 1 minute of recovery
2 minutes at 100% LT power + 1 minute recovery
1 minute at 110% LT power + 1 minute recovery with no additional rest before repeating the set.

This is a tough session so focus on recovery after this workout. Stretching and/or self massaging, replacing your fluids, and eating a meal containing carbohydrates and protein will all help to rebuild the muscles and grow stronger!



Sprint / Threshold / Sprint: 2 x 7

Duration: 37 Minutes

What It's About: 

If you want to win races, you've found the right workout! This short session will challenge your anaerobic capacity starting with three repeated efforts, then your sustained power with a steady threshold effort, and then finally your remaining AC and neuromuscular coordination to stay smooth in an all out sprint for the finish line. Easy to see why we like to call it "Race Winners" for short!



Sprints: 3 Sets 8 x 10s Decreasing Recovery

Duration: 1 hour 2 minutes

What It's About:

Smart trainer users: This workout is best done in level mode!

If you're a sprinter, or someone with an anaerobic capacity strength, you're going to love this workout. If not, well, you might hate it. BUT the good news is that each effort only lasts 10 seconds, so the discomfort isn't nearly what you get in The Trick or the other AC focused NoVids. The bad news is that the rest periods in between sprints get shorter after each effort, so those last couple might really sting...and oh by the way, you have 3 sets of them!

**It is recommended that you perform this workout in Level mode rather than ERG mode. As you fatigue, your power will naturally begin to decline but we want you to eke out as much as possible rather than getting bogged down by the high power targets.



Micro Intervals: 3 sets 15 x 30/15

Duration: 1 Hour

What It's About:

Most people who have read or talked about High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) have probably heard the term "Tabata" being thrown around, and for good reason. In the mid 90's Professor Izumi Tabata set out to study the training impact of HIIT compared to a more traditional lower intensity high volume training.

While both groups saw a similar increase in VO2max, only the HIIT group improved their Anaerobic Capacity, which is often associated with an increased ability to repeat hard efforts. The HIIT protocol that Professor Izumi Tabata used 4-minute blocks broken into what we refer to as "Micro-Intervals" 20sec efforts well above VO2max Power (similar to what we refer to as MAP) and 10 seconds of recovery.

This was one of the first widely recognized studies that promoted HIIT, and since HIIT is The Sufferfest's Specialty, we would be crazy not to include this session, which rounds out our series of Micro-Interval workouts, which already includes 40/20's and 20/10's.

During this session, you are looking at 3 sets of Micro-Intervals in 4-minute blocks, with each 20sec power target at or just below 100% of your MAP. While the targets we have set are slightly lower than Tabata's original study, those subjects only completed one 4-minute block of their high-intensity session, you get to complete 3 of them! That means if you finish the first set feeling fine, increase MAP intensity by 5%, or just switch to level mode and get back to using RPE; these are MAX intervals after all, so give it all you've got!

This session really does pack a punch, and being mentally prepared for it is more important than being physically prepared. By design, this session will completely drain your AC and max out your aerobic system. No one gets to that point and feels "good." You need to mentally brace yourself to get into the hurt locker and stay down there until the bitter end.

Uncertain if you have that mental toughness or skill set to handle this session? Then check out the "Getting Positive" module on our Mental Toughness Program. While we encourage everyone to try MTP from start to finish (which takes about 10 weeks) just doing this one module can be incredibly beneficial.



FTP Builds: 8 x 2

Duration: 53 minutes

What It's About:

This is another great session for practicing a negative split pacing strategy. Each of the eight intervals begins at 90% FTP and gradually increases in 5% steps over the course of two minutes. So when you break it down, it's only 24 seconds at each effort level. That's very do-able, but the recovery intervals are also only two minutes which will challenge your ability to recover quickly and hit the same intensity again, especially by the end of the workout!



Micro Intervals: 12 x 50/10 , 10 x 40/20, 8 x 30/30

Duration: 1 hour 19 minutes

What It's About:

This Micro Interval session rounds out our series of Micro Intervals, complimenting the sessions consisting of 40/20's and 20/10's in the workout library.

Here's a fair warning for those who take a while to warm up- the warmup in this session is short before jumping into the openers so it may be wise to ride Open 15 or Igniter before starting.



Micro Intervals / Tempo: 2 x 12 plus 1 x 20

Duration: 1 Hour 40 Minutes

What It's About:

These two mini Pyramids of Power might remind you of The Shovel...

This one, however is a little less focused on Anaerobic Capacity and a little more on muscle endurance, due to that big blue block in the middle. The first pyramid will begin to fatigue your muscles and tax your AC before you face 20 minutes at tempo.

With both of those efforts under your belt, the second pyramid will drain the rest of your AC and ask your aerobic system to pick up the slack. This might even feel similar to a mountain bike or cyclocross race effort- you take it out hard, jockeying for the hole shot or a front pack position before getting into the technical elements.

Then you settle into a sustainable effort for a short while, maybe working with a couple others before battling it out for your final finishing position.



Tempo Builds: 3 x 7

Duration: 1 hour

What It's About:

This tempo session may not look very tough, but take a look at the recovery only get 3 minutes at 65%. That's not a leisurely pace, which means that you'll go into the next 7 minute build with some fatigue still in the legs.

The combination of partial recoveries and effort building intervals will leave you feeling like you've done more than 21 minutes at tempo by the end.

The build format of each of the 7-minute efforts is also great for working on your negative split pacing which is great for everyone, but especially important if you're a time triallist or triathlete.

With nice long ramps to warmup and cool down, you should feel good going into the main set and be able to recover fairly quickly when finished.


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