10 New NoVid Workouts Available Now!

The coaches at the Wahoo Sports Science Division have been hard at work designing new workouts to target every aspect of your 4DP profile, from sharpening your top end to improving your endurance. Available now in the app you'll find 10 new NoVid workouts ranging in duration from 30 minutes to just over an hour.

Check out one of these new sessions and get ready to take your fitness to the next level.


FTP Progression 4: 4x10

Duration: 1 hour 3 minutes

What It's About:

As the title suggests, this is the NEW last workout in our FTP series, designed to help you improve your FTP. In simple terms, this session is 4 repeats of 10 minutes at 96-101% of FTP, with 3 minutes of easy recovery, making for a 60-minute session with 40 minutes of riding at FTP.
This workout is best done after completing the first three FTP progressions a couple of times, so this workout shouldn't have you feeling maxed out, but it won't be a walk in the park either!


Big Gear Tempo: 5x4

Duration: 53 minutes

What It's About:

This workout is the first NoVid in a progression of big gear (low cadence, high torque) Tempo efforts to work on building muscular endurance. This workout is just a little bit easier than GOAT, but is similar in overall intended training stress - meaning that it's quality work, but you should have some gas left in the tank at the end.


Tempo with Varying Cadence: 5x6

Duration: 1 hour 3 minutes

What It's About:

Just as the name implies, this workout contains five 6-minute long efforts below FTP with slight variations in intensity and bigger variations in cadence at a generally low cadence every 2 minutes. Looking at power demands alone, you would not expect this session to deliver any real suffering and you would be right in terms of cardiovascular demand, however, the low cadence targets make muscular strength and neuromuscular adaptations the real moneymakers in this session.

Varying cadence ensures that your muscular system gets pushed hard without maxing out. Throughout the session, your nervous system has to switch between recruiting your muscles between moderate and high force all while keeping your HR and power just below FTP.


Big Gear Tempo/Sub-Threshold: 4 x 8

Duration: 1 hour 3 minutes

What It's About:

This training session is about building up muscular endurance with four 8-minute long efforts at 80-90% of FTP at 50-65 RPM. The intensity is not too difficult, but when you add in the low cadence targets you'll be recruiting your muscles to push harder activating more of your fast-twitch muscle fibers than you normally would at these intensities.

The recovery between each interval is just 4-minutes, but you'll enjoy a higher cadence to allow the muscles to recover between each effort. This is a great workout to help build your fitness for sustained and repeating climbing efforts up steep mountains.


Big Gear varying cadence: 3 x 10

Duration: 1 hour 4 minutes

What It's About:

As you can see from the name of this workout, you'll be doing three 10-minute long efforts at low cadences. There will be variation of intensity and cadence within the 10-minute blocks, about every 1 to 2 minutes. This session is very similar to the Tempo with Varying Cadence: 5 x 6 NoVid, but a little more demanding, so if you haven't done that workout yet, we recommend starting with that one and working up to these longer blocks.

The benefit of keeping your heart rate below threshold in this session allows for more focus on your nervous system to become more efficient at switching from moderate to high force muscle recruitment quickly and frequently.


Big Gear MAP: 2 Sets 6 x 30s

Duration: 48 minutes

What It's About:

This session is focused on building MAP power at low cadences, which improves muscular endurance. This session includes 2 sets of 6 X 30s intervals at 100% of MAP power with 90s of progressive recovery, building from 50 to 60% of FTP with increasing cadence every 30s.
While the efforts have a MAP target, your heart rate will not likely go over Zone 4 due to the short duration of the efforts and even more-so because of the low cadence targets.


Big Gear MAP: 3 sets 6 X 30s

Duration: 1 hour 

What It's About:

This session is the second in a progression focused on building MAP power at low cadence, improving your muscular endurance. This session includes 3 sets of 6 X 30s intervals at 100% of MAP power at 60 RPM with 90s recovery at 50% of FTP and 80 RPM.
While the efforts have a MAP target, your heart rate will not likely go over Zone 4 due to the short duration of the efforts and the low cadence targets.


 Mini MAP: 6 x 1

Duration: 30 minutes

What It's About:

This 30-minute session packs a punch. While the efforts are just 1-minute long, we've included a mix of builds, fades, and steady-state efforts averaging between 100 and 105% of MAP with just 90s of recovery between each effort. This is a great MAP focused session that's a bit easier than Revolver, and would also be a suitable replacement for Joyride.


Seated Sprints: 2 sets 5 x 10s

Duration: 30 minutes

What It's About:

If you're looking for a sprint session but aren't quite ready for Violator or really just want to sprint and not hold harder FTP efforts like Cash Register, then this workout will give you exactly what you're looking for.
The main portion of the workout is 2 sets of 5 X 10s seated sprint followed by 50 seconds of easy recovery. You'll get a little extra recovery between the two sets of sprint efforts.
Remember - stay seated in the sprints to get the most out of the workout - and it's best to do this workout, like other sprint workouts, in level mode.


Half Hour of Power

Duration: 45 minutes

What It's About:

Looking for a sustained effort, but don't want to go over your FTP? Well, this 30-minute block at a steady 92% of FTP is the perfect session! While it's not quite as intense as The Long Scream or Extra Shot, it is a little bit longer for the sustained effort. This is a fantastic session to help you get ready for a Time Trial or long climb. It's also a super session for practicing your MTP Focus skills.

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