There are those who know how to suffer. And there are those who do not know how not to suffer. There are those who look pain in the face and laugh. There are those who can’t look pain in the face because pain is too scared to look up from the pounding it’s getting. Yes, there are Sufferlandrians. And then there are Knights of Sufferlandria. To be awarded the highest honor accorded by the Sufferlandrian Ministry of Madness, one must simply do 10 Sufferfest videos, back-to-back.


  1. Please see a doctor. You’re not right and are in desperate need of help.
  2. You must do 10 Sufferfest videos, back-to-back.
    • You can do them in any order you like.
    • You may not do any video title more than once (e.g., you can't do the old and the remastered version of a video.)
    • You may NOT include the following videos in your selection: Extra Shot, Half is Easy, Elements of Style, To Get to the Other Side, The Way Out or The Long Scream.
    • Running videos are not permitted
    • Chrysalis is permitted if you do it as the prescribed bike-only workout.
  3. You are allowed 10 minutes rest between videos. No more. But less is fine.
  4. You must publicly record and post the event somehow – e.g., power/hr files, photos, Facebook posts and/or tweets during the event to show progress.
  5. We do not set any kind of performance benchmark for your ride (i.e., how hard you have to go). However, we insist that you do a ride in which you Suffer and which, most importantly, of which you are immensely proud of yourself for having given all you can give and a bit more.
  6. You really should, although its not necessary, try to raise money for a good cause.
  7. One of the following must be true for each person who wants to be Officially Recognised as a Knight of Sufferlandria:
    • You have purchased the 10 videos you are using in your Knighthood attempt. You also qualify if your significant other owns the videos.
    • You have subscribed to The Sufferfest videos through our app or on Roku
    • You are completing your Knighthood at one of our Officially Licensed Sufferfest Facilities as part of an Official Knighthood ride organised by the Facility and approved by The Sufferfest.
  8. Upon completion, fill out the form at the bottom of this page (don’t send us an email – we need it through the form).
  9. Wait for The Minions to get back to you (normally takes a few days).
  10. If your ride is accepted, the Minions will notify you. Once the Minions have announced your name on our Facebook page, and only then, you are officially a Knight of Sufferlandria.
  11. Bask for eternity in the GLORY that comes from being a Knight of Sufferlandria. Never shall you not be the center of every single dinner conversation you attend from that point onwards.

Here’s what you get when you become a Knight of Sufferlandria. Don’t let it go to your head.

  1.  The immense satisfaction of having done something truly incredible and awe-inspiring and a little bit mad.
  2. A nice(ish) certificate with your name on it, and a very exclusive bike decal (in white and black no less!).
  3. An invitation to join the *very**exclusive* Knights of Sufferlandria Facebook group.
  4. We – and other Knights and Sufferlandrians – will verily then address your honourable self as Sir or Dame, whatever the case may be, from thence forward.
  5. You may use the designation KoS after your name whenever you like.
  6. You may purchase the exclusive Knights only team kit.
Note: Listing is by NATIONALITY of the Knight, not the location of the ride.


  1. Sir Martin Dodd
  2. Sir Andrew Colin Keith
  3. Dame Sara Pixley
  4. Dame Michelle Jennings
  5. Dame Erin Rook
  6. Sir Ben Gerhardy
  7. Sir Cameron James
  8. Sir Glenn Page
  9. Sir Tony Brooks
  10. Sir Peter Elliott
  11. Sir Stephen Lane
  12. Sir Shane Miller
  13. Sir Craig Mitchell
  14. Sir Duane Parnell
  15. Sir Craig Percival
  16. Dame Chris Thompson
  17. Sir Neil Brydges
  18. Dame Katie Goodrope
  19. Dame Kate Patterson
  20. Sir Stephen Baxter
  21. Sir Brook Kennedy
  22. Dame Briony Mattocks
  23. Sir Jon Stagg
  24. Sir Jason Brown
  25. Dame Neridah Lock
  26. Sir Mat Lock
  27. Sir Michael Mancuso
  28. Sir Ian Humble
  29. Sir Mark Oldfield
  30. Sir Scott Bales
  31. Sir Kevin Wells
  32. Sir Chris Belyea
  33. Sir Scott Pratt
  34. Sir David Younger
  35. Sir Aaron Blair
  36. Dame Meri Griesbach
  37. Sir David Hennessy
  38. Dame Rachel Edwards
  39. Sir Shannon Duggan


    1. Sir Griffin Schwartz
    2. Sir Chris Wenger
    3. Sir Steve Manning
    4. Dame Jessie El-Farram
    5. Sir Glen Hawley
    6. Sir Johnny Hipwell
    7. Sir Kyle Rempel
    8. Sir Simon Villeneuve
    9. Sir François Duperré
    10. Sir Hugues Michaud
    11. Sir Sébastien Lavoie
    12. Sir Frédéric Lavoie
    13. Sir José Luis LoMonaco
    14. Sir Jon Bell
    15. Sir Mike Beauchamp
    16. Sir Carl Finley
    17. Sir Richard Jodoin
    18. Sir Todd Benson
    19. Sir Marc Cueto
    20. Sir Tomas Peiser
    21. Sir Jared McClintock
    22. Sir Corey Wise
    23. Sir Chris Harris
    24. Sir James Pringle
    25. Sir Rudy Clifford
    26. Sir Thomas Beckerman
    27. Dame Ellisa Podemski
    28. Sir Jeremy Kitson
    29. Dame Garnet Siddall
    30. Sir Evan Siddall
    31. Dame Jessica Gjertsen
    32. Dame Laura June Wilson
    33. Sir Jody Wilson
    34. Sir Myles Gaulin
    35. Dame Shawna Gibbs
    36. Dame Kelly Petch
    37. Sir Tom Unwin
    38. Sir Larry Danks
    39. Sir J.R Enns
    40. Sir Thomas Valentine
    41. Sir Owen Clements
    42. Sir Robin Manley
    43. Sir Dan Joly
    44. Sir Adrian Barber
    45. Dame Lise Munsie
    46. Sir Terry Lazarou
    47. Sir Tom Hughes
    48. Dame Andrea Bowker
    49. Sir Barry Cox
    50. Dame Meaghan Burford
    51. Sir Dennis Hippie
    52. Dame Janis Denning
    53. Sir Jaimie MacPherson
    54. Sir Tim Wilkinson
    55. Dame Shannon Weatherhead
    56. Sir Thomas Carrique
    57. Dame Marie-Claude Dumais
    58. Sir Yves Ferland
    59. Sir Simon Guthrie
    60. Sir Vincent Boulanger
    61. Dame Janice Peskett
    62. Sir Brent Gusnowski
    63. Sir Carl Gladu-Léger


      1. Sir Lars Cortsen
      2. Sir Peter Bason
      3. Sir Ulrich Sorensen
      4. Sir Ditlev Friis
      5. Sir Mikkel Togsverd


      1. Sir Lars Rehn


      1. Sir Henri Lindberg


      1. Sir Antti Ruuska
      2. Sir Jarno Lämsä
      3. Sir Markus Forsström
      4. Sir Jere Keskiaho
      5. Sir Corey Kantola


      1. Dame Anne Farawila


      1. Dame Alissa Schubert
      2. Dame Antje Schubert
      3. Sir Torsten Schubert
      4. Sir Veiko Schultz
      5. Sir Stephan Sommer
      6. Sir Stephan Geissler
      7. Sir Ralf Mielke
      8. Sir Ingo Parton
      9. Sir Michael Jungbauer


      1. Sir David Corry
      2. Sir Mark Lyons
      3. Dame Anne Keohane
      4. Sir Tomas Mulqueen
      5. Sir Rob Horgan
      6. Sir Derek Barrett
      7. Sir Patrick Little
      8. Sir Danny Lane
      9. Dame Lorraine Ryan
      10. Sir Peter Carroll
      11. Sir Jonathan Noonan


      1. Sir Alessandro Rossi


      1. Sir Norio Takamoto
      2. Sir Seitaro Hirano


      1. Sir Thomas Mathis


      1. Sir Bhoj Rai


      1. Sir Robert Rijnders
      2. Sir Rob de Bruijn
      3. Sir Neils Laurijsen
      4. Sir Rob Joosten
      5. Sir Ben Ritman
      6. Sir Aad van den Boogaart


      1. Sir Chris Hooper
      2. Sir Andrew McLeod
      3. Sir Scott Gilbert
      4. Sir Bill Oram


      1. Sir Bjørn Egil Djuphagen Svela
      2. Sir Tom Ove Kaland
      3. Sir Tommy Eriksen
      4. Sir Erik Nordlie
      5. Sir Erik Larsen
      6. Sir Jens Peter Elton Gransaether
      7. Sir Roger Nodeland
      8. Dame Sigrun Gea Sørlie Selvik
      9. Dame Joyce Sisilie Nordgård
      10. Dame Kaya Emilie Berge
      11. Dame Marie Vermundsberget Skribeland
      12. Sir Øyvind Svare Odde
      13. Sir Per-Ivar Stokkmo
      14. Sir Thomas Flaktveit


      1. Sir Jose Martin Punzalan
      2. Sir Charles Vincent Custodio
      3. Dame Melly Ng
      4. Sir Jose Arturo Arlin Virata
      5. Sir Franz-Anton Lim
      6. Dame Irene Ong


      1. Dame Ramona Ionita


      1. Sir Matej Janecek


      1. Sir Richard Garcia


      1. Dame Carla Schubiger
      2. Sir Andreas Ritter
      3. Sir Rupert Harold


      1. Dames Katrin Mörtel
      2. Camilla Dahlström
      3. Helena Svensson
      4. Sirs Pär Johansson
      5. Kristoffer Nielssen
      6. Sir Jonas Evaldsson
      7. Sir Anders Kvarnlöf
      8. Sir Peter Gustafsson
      9. Sir Olof Solberg
      10. Sir Marcus Jonsson
      11. Dame Ida Svensson
      12. Sir Mike Billett
      13. Dame Susann Sandmark
      14. Sir Dan Sandmark


        1. Sir Jason Kotecha
        2. Sir Lloyd Thomas


        1. Sir Conehead (Darren Roberts)
        2. Dame Liz Johns
        3. Sir Jibby
        4. Sir David Triska
        5. Dame Jayne Mitchell
        6. Sir Ben McCarthy
        7. Sir William Wright
        8. Sir John Parkin
        9. Sir Nigel Brockton
        10. Sir Neil Pedoe
        11. Sir Michael Cox
        12. Sir Simon J. Rhodes
        13. Sir Thomas James McGlashan
        14. Sir Bohdan Daywd
        15. Sir Michael Porter
        16. Sir Chris Cashell
        17. Sir Edd Charlton-Weedy
        18. Sir Daniel Carr
        19. Sir Ian Dickens
        20. Sir Gordon Markus
        21. Sir John Wood
        22. Dame Kim Ingleby
        23. Sir Mark Wilson
        24. Sir Andy Sexton
        25. 25. Sir Arran McKee
        26. Sir Ciaran Stuart
        27. Sir Ben Dooley
        28. Sir Jeff Curry
        29. Sir Mark Vaudrey
        30. Sir Steven Bloomer
        31. Sir Michael Sinton
        32. Sir Michael Domokos
        33. Sir Steve Malone
        34. Sir Justin Walters
        35. Sir Jamie Jenkins
        36. Sir Matt Simmons
        37. Dame Jessica Gray
        38. Sir Scott Gibb
        39. Sir Nichiless Dey
        40. Sir Ben Boughton-White
        41. Sir Alan Hammond
        42. Dame Claire Duncan
        43. Sir Matthew Clarke
        44. Sir Vic Johnston
        45. Sir Justin Stevenson
        46. Sir Matt Hurst
        47. Sir Andy Martin
        48. Sir Stephen Gallagher
        49. Sir Rob Cascone
        50. Sir Rob Harlow
        51. Sir Chris Elias
        52. Sir Mark Middleton
        53. Sir Jez Pigden
        54. Sir David Shannon
        55. Sir Lee Sutton
        56. Sir Jonathan Gibbard
        57. Dame Sarah Thomas-West
        58. Sir Grahame McKenzie
        59. Sir Andy Dobinson
        60. Sir Chris Hinds
        61. Sir Gavin Dempster
        62. Sir Adam Marshall
        63. Sir Lee Stockman
        64. Dame Helene Williamson
        65. Sir Chris Oliver
        66. Sir James Tyson
        67. Sir Chris Hitchings
        68. Sir Joe Mellor
        69. Sir Schrödinger’s Mutt
        70. Sir Lee O’Sullivan
        71. Sir Paul Bowman
        72. Sir Philip Huntsman
        73. Sir Stephen Irvine
        74. Sir Kevin Whyte
        75. Sir Gavin Bridge
        76. Sir Kevin Whyte
        77. Sir Martyn Riesner
        78. Sir Simon Hunter
        79. Sir Tim Draycott
        80. Sir Mark Edlington-Booth
        81. Sir Iain Hackett
        82. Sir Gary Goacher
        83. Dame Jan Mackenzie
        84. Sir Steve Drayton
        85. Sir Bruce Darton
        86. Sir Matt Woodeson
        87. Sir Mark Ellam
        88. Sir Mark Gallagher
        89. Dame Sharon Miller
        90. Dame Fay Jordan
        91. Sir Phil Llewellyn
        92. Sir Iain Duncan
        93. Sir Paul Stockell
        94. Sir Donnie Inglis
        95. Sir Jason Stephenson
        96. Sir Dave Tittle
        97. Sir Richard Rogers
        98. Sir Thomas Bradbury
        99. Sir David Williams
        100. Sir Nicholas Mills
        101. Sir David Stopher
        102. Sir Dan Smith
        103. Dame Michaela Wadforth
        104. Sir Mark Wadforth
        105. Sir Luke Nash
        106. Sir John Smillie
        107. Sir Ian Slack
        108. Sir Dean Stonestreet
        109. Dame Karen Moorhouse
        110. Dame Gillian Robertson
        111. Sir Stuart Weatherley
        112. Sir Nic Clarke
        113. Sir Rab Livingstone
        114. Sir Adam Diver
        115. Sir Gareth Prest-Hutchinson
        116. Sir Kieran Rawley
        117. Sir Simon Greer
        118. Dame Nicola Boocock
        119. Sir Stuart McIntosh
        120. Sir David Milburn
        121. Sir Stewart Briggs
        122. Sir Tom Huynh
        123. Sir Russell Hughes
        124. Dame Lesley Musgrove
        125. Sir Mark Stuart
        126. Dame Fiona Innes
        127. Sir Paul Hills
        128. Sir Matthew Loh
        129. Dame Hannah Turner
        130. Dame Michelle Dand
        131. Dame Katie Hammant
        132. Sir Alex Ball
        133. Dame Nicky Broadwell
        134. Dame Louise Giles
        135. Sir Richard Scrimgeour
        136. Sir Mark Penny
        137. Dame Kirsty Beavis
        138. Sir Alex Watson
        139. Sir Dave Fereday
        140. Sir Wayne Golden
        141. Dame Charlotte Pinder
        142. Sir Clive Wiesbauer
        143. Sir Graeme Hastie
        144. Sir Dean Thomas
        145. Dame Carolyn Davies-Moore
        146. Sir Iain Davies-Moore
        147. Dame Louise Kennedy
        148. Sir Daniel Siddle
        149. Dame Zoe Hughes-Hubbold
        150. Sir David Blackburn
        151. Sir Chris Hopkinson
        152. Sir Dave Galbraith
        153. Sir Sean Monaghan
        154. Sir James Donaldson
        155. Sir Jack Drew
        156. Dame Claire McNicol
        157. Sir Andrew John Hussey
        158. Sir Stephen Stewart
        159. Sir Mark Day
        160. Dame Anne-Marie Gill
        161. Sir Spike Cope
        162. Sir Paul Waters
        163. Sir Ross Gunning
        164. Sir James Hartley
        165. Sir Luke Wilson
        166. Sir Michael O'Grady
        167. Sir Jamie Boardman
        168. Sir Chris Gallagher
        169. Sir Michael McGoldrick
        170. Sir Anthony Moore
        171. Sir Chris Powell
        172. Sir Steve Walsh
        173. Sir Mick Devereux
        174. Sir Andrew Southby
        175. Sir Dave Jackson
        176. Sir Jim Harbidge
        177. Sir Steve Moore
        178. Sir Jeremy Cooper
        179. Sir David Willgress
        180. Sir Symon Tomlinson
        181. Sir Jeremy Charles Hay
        182. Sir Jonathan Pain
        183. Sir Darren Smith
        184. Sir Paul Beard
        185. Sir Dale Payne
        186. Sir Al Robinson
        187. Sir Gary Wilson-Poe
        188. Dame Tahira Khwaja
        189. Dame Nina Hopton
        190. Dame Nathalie Bramley
        191. Dame Kate Baker
        192. Dame Sam Rosenberg
        193. Sir Alex Wilson
        194. Dame Elissa Bilton
        195. Sir Nigel Ziff
        196. Sir Simon Waller
        197. Dame Sam Taylor
        198. Dame Katrina Webb
        199. Sir Andrew Jones
        200. Sir Robert Smailes
        201. Sir Lloyd Curling


          1. Sir Ken Moselle
          2. Sir Steve Taylor
          3. Dame Mariah P. LeBlanc
          4. Sir Dave Ruff
          5. Dame Sue Fahey
          6. Sir Dan Greenwald
          7. Sir Anthony Lee
          8. Dame Pamela McCormick
          9. Sir Frank Mallott III
          10. Kevin Rozema
          11. Kevin Neumann
          12. Sir John Metz
          13. Sir Brian VanZweden
          14. Sir Mike Clark
          15. Sir Patrick Bulger
          16. Sir Ray Brothers
          17. Sir David Juarez
          18. Dame Adrienne Taren
          19. Sir Nicholas Dickson
          20. Sir Ben Stuart
          21. Sir Craig Anible
          22. Sir Rich Worth
          23. Sir Webb Brightwell
          24. Sir Scott Nuelken
          25. Sir Mark Cassell
          26. Sir Chris Mosier
          27. Sir Buzz Vickery
          28. Sir Joe Martin
          29. Dame Susan Farago
          30. Sir Fred Huang
          31. Sir Leary Walker
          32. Sir John Geissinger
          33. Dame Brandy Peeples
          34. Dame Jen Kirkman
          35. Dame Ashley Fischer
          36. Sir Patrick Matthew Felton
          37. Sir David McQuillen
          38. Sir Chris Beggs
          39. Sir Chris Knight
          40. Sir Brandon Slater
          41. Sir Mike Koetsier
          42. Sir Skip Thomas
          43. Sir Mike Bolio
          44. Sir Ross Schueller
          45. Sir Joshua Nuelken
          46. Sir Joseph McLean
          47. Sir Brett Hogan
          48. Sir David Romaine
          49. Sir Thomas Malone
          50. Sir Chad Zeman
          51. Sir Angus Mackenzie
          52. Dame Ana Perez
          53. Sir Chris Grandjean
          54. Sir Michael Krueger
          55. Sir Tim Gonda
          56. Sir Brian Alger
          57. Sir Stuart Barrington
          58. Sir David Lamb
          59. Sir Tom Peacock
          60. Sir Ted Jones
          61. Dame Jennifer Snow-Ashbrook
          62. Sir Joe Christman
          63. Sir Carl Argote
          64. Sir Samuel Roets
          65. Sir Jonathan Stoddard
          66. Sir Patrick Stoddard
          67. Dame Susan Little
          68. Sir Ebe Boettcher
          69. Sir Neal Henderson
          70. Dame Dotty Johnson
          71. Dame Stephanie Siggard Stevens
          72. Sir Simon Shurey
          73. Dame Kelly Sorah
          74. Sir Kendal Martin
          75. Sir Donnie Sorah
          76. Sir Todd Wilkinson
          77. Sir Eric Perkins
          78. Dame Kate Fenlon
          79. Sir Allan Jacks
          80. Sir John Unverzagt
          81. Sir Scott Brannan
          82. Sir Greg Dayley
          83. Sir Jerry Pringle
          84. Sir Stephen Magee
          85. Sir Michael Fitzsimmons
          86. Sir William Davis III
          87. Sir Michael Parker
          88. Dame Jessie Lukasik
          89. Dame Wendy Wyskiel
          90. Sir Mark Frost
          91. Sir Nathan Koch
          92. Sir Manny Glisson
          93. Sir Jess Patrick
          94. Sir Thomas Niccum
          95. Sir Mike George
          96. Sir Carl Noftsger
          97. Sir Chris Carr
          98. Sir Ted Gauthier
          99. Dame Theresa Guise
          100. Sir Vincent Hammer
          101. Sir Ben Harbron
          102. Sir Joshua Harpe
          103. Sir Corey Johnson
          104. Dame Allison Jones
          105. Sir Jason Luchtefeld
          106. Sir Ryan McKeever
          107. Dame Tracy Owens
          108. Sir Jerry Pierce
          109. Sir Travis Rassat
          110. Sir Ryan Renfroe
          111. Sir Michael Schumacher
          112. Sir Chris Shelton
          113. Dame Frances Stein
          114. Sir David Stonehouse
          115. Sir Julian Valier-Harris
          116. Sir Kenny Cherry
          117. Sir Mark Stripes
          118. Sir Blake Schrader
          119. Dame Catherine Moore
          120. Sir Ian Moore
          121. Dame Clare Herlihy
          122. Sir George Bonanto
          123. Sir Paul Gerhardt
          124. Sir William Billings
          125. Sir Matthew Killian
          126. Dame Meredith Gardner
          127. Sir Walt Hester
          128. Sir Doug McMasters
          129. Sir Robert Tranter
          130. Dame Nancy Gomes
          131. Sir Jeff Mather
          132. Sir Paul Walters
          133. Sir Alex Carleton
          134. Dame Judith McMillan
          135. Sir Scott Christensen
          136. Sir Tom Taylor
          137. Sir Thom Klein
          138. Dame Trienne Haesle
          139. Sir John Haesle
          140. Sir Matthew Haesle
          141. Dame Laura Beck
          142. Sir Philip Allen
          143. Sir Ryan Harden
          144. Sir Cody Moore
          145. Sir Phillip Metcalf
          146. Dame Chrissy Metcalf
          147. Sir Paul Hughes
          148. Sir Jeff Ball
          149. Sir Peter Lewis
          150. Dame Chris Hale
          151. Dame Christie Brinker
          152. Dame Brittany Derebery
          153. Sir James Hopkins
          154. Sir Perry Hock
          155. Sir Rusty Darter
          156. Sir Chris Izenour
          157. Dame Kaat Tahy
          158. Sir Dan Brummel
          159. Sir Tony Charameda
          160. Sir Matthew Radniecki
          161. Sir Erik Mortenson
          162. Sir Tyler Moyer
          163. Sir James White
          164. Sir Michael McConkey
          165. Sir Marc White
          166. Dame Allison Clark MacDonald
          167. Sir Michael Horton
          168. Dame Sarah Gibson
          169. Dame Lulu Marrotte
          170. Sir Henry Batista
          171. Sir Evan Tobey
          172. Dame Lauren McDonald
          173. Dame Sue Chapman
          174. Dame Mary Larson
          175. Sir David Thomes
          176. Sir William Veldran
          177. Dame Kim Cox
          178. Dame Heather Drost
          179. Dame Janet Salisbury
          180. Sir Sean Salisbury
          181. Sir James Yeo
          182. Sir Charles J. Allen
          183. Sir Christopher Siders
          184. Sir Aaron Taraboletti
          185. Sir Charlie Gerschefski
          186. Sir John Dilger
          187. Sir Brian Marquis
          188. Sir Gary Moad
          189. Sir Andrew Payne
          190. Dame Sharon Paisner
          191. Sir Gian-Paolo Musumeci
          192. Sir John Stachlewicz
          193. Dame Rachel Zambrano
          194. Dame Ashley Williams
          195. Sir Adam Brady
          196. Dame Sally Roberts
          197. Sir Vincent Hui
          198. Sir Chris Holley
          199. Sir Joel Shedroff
          200. Sir Chris Myers
          201. Dame Rebecca Frank
          202. Dame Virginia Hudson
          203. Sir Spencer Roberts
          204. Sir Gregory Vig
          205. Sir Michael Zurface
          206. Sir Rob Hancock
          207. Sir Joe Cossin
          208. Sir Henry Johnson
          209. Sir Randy Barnes
          210. Sir Wesley King
          211. Sir Steven Howard
          212. Sir David Smith
          213. Sir James McKenzie
          214. Sir Glenn Sheppard
          215. Sir John Arneson
          216. Sir Stace Green
          217. Sir Christian Puzder
          218. Sir Michael St. Martin
          219. Dame Lisa Lawin
          220. Sir Brannon Deugan
          221. Sir James Newman
          222. Dame Stephanie Sordelet
          223. Dame Risa Engel
          224. Dame Jessica Rudd
          225. Sir Christopher Octa
          226. Sir Ryan Cooper
          227. Dame Nicole Chittick
          228. Sir Charles E. Chittick Jr
          229. Dame Sara Scott
          230. Sir Tim Myers
          231. Dame Karen Garland
          232. Dame Kim Locher
          233. Sir Charlie Holder
          234. Sir Ted Morris
          235. Dame Angela Nelms
          236. Sir Daniel Thomas
          237. Dame Michelle Crossman
          238. Sir Adam Alder
          239. Sir Ben Anderson
          240. Sir Greg Guinther
          241. Sir Alex Wurm
          242. Dame Kim Puzder
          243. Sir David Vaughn
          244. Sir Thomas Busler
          245. Sir Jeff Kerr
          246. Sir Rick Walsh
          247. Sir Brian Mahoney
          248. Dame Brittany Williams
          249. Sir Gil Brown
          250. Sir Paul Schack
          251. Dame Kathleen Jennings
          252. Sir Pete Pratkelis
          253. Sir Travis Jass
          254. Dame Jere Arnold
          255. Sir Derek Dykstra
          256. Sir Paul B. Smith
          257. Dame Linda Thomson-Poeder
          258. Dame Angela Worth
          259. Sir Corey Atchison
          260. Sir Michael Bergstrom
          261. Sir Bill Hill
          262. Sir Destrey Roeber
          263. Sir Vahn Fogarty
          264. Sir Jim Battochio
          265. Sir Joe Bolan
          266. Sir Brad Lones
          267. Dame Hilary Murdock
          268. Dame Kati Ireland Stoddard
          269. Dame Jill Stoddard Brown
          270. Dame Amanda Katsma
          271. Sir Martin Shackelford
          272. Sir Torrey Penn
          273. Sir Ian Solcz
          274. Dame Jessica Wood
          275. Sir Rafe Brox
          276. Sir Ian Kurth
          277. Sir Paul Robichaux
          278. Sir Shawn Gerber
          279. Dame Jennifer Kiper
          280. Sir Gregory Stierer
          281. Sir Mark Leegwater
          282. Sir Todd Bettler
          283. Sir Preston Ray
          284. Sir Roman Helms
          285. Dame Charlotte Yeglic
          286. Sir Sean Mooney
          287. Sir Brennon Hayes
          288. Dame Kelly Bruno
          289. Sir Alex Viada



            Submit the email linked to your Facebook account so that the Minions can add you to the super secret Knights-only group.

            (We need your address info so we can send you your Knight decals.)

            Let us know where we can see the record of your attempt. It can be a file, a collection of photos, whatever, but we need to see a record of the attempt.

            Post a photo somewhere and send us the URL above

            You do declare to Grunter von Agony that you have truly Suffered - that you made an effort you are indeed proud of and that others will find inspirational.

            I declare

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