Use: Individual use only (see pricing for gyms & studios)
Type: Speed
Duration: 45 minutes
What it's about: 15 x 1:00 maximum intensity intervals
Featured races:


Simple. Brutal. Uncomplicated. This is a workout you don’t have to think about. You just get on, drive yourself into the ground, and get off. It’s the perfect video for anyone who needs to fit a killer, high-intensity workout into their lunch hour to tune-up for racing or weekend ass-kicking. It’s also the necessary evil: if you want to own only ONE Sufferfest video to make you faster, this is it.



  • 7:30 Warm-Up, featuring footage from the Women’s 2012 Track World Championships and the 2012 Downhill Mountain Bike World Championships.
  • Then the main event – 15x 1:00 intervals, with 1 minute rest in-between each interval, for a total of 30 minutes of intervals.
    • The ‘on’ intervals are not for the faint of heart. They should be done at 9/10 on the RPE (recommended perceived exertion scale). They feature footage from the UCI Track World Championships 2012, the UCI Cyclocross World Cup 2012 and World Championships 2013 and the Women’s UCI World Road Championships 2012.
    • The ‘off’ intervals features some beautiful footage descending the Col du Soler, from
  • 4:00 warm-down featuring some footage from a bike ride around Norwich, UK in 1935.


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