Buy Blender by March 11th - stand to win PowerBar nutrition!

Around the world, our newest video, Blender, is being widely hailed (and cursed) as our best ever video. A killer workout, brilliant footage of world class racing, an incredible soundtrack and an all-new design that blows the doors off anything we've done before means this visit to Sufferlandria won't be easily forgotten.

Recognising the supreme demands that Blender puts on the subjects of Sufferlandria, our friends at PowerBar want to help you get through it. So, we're giving away five 12-packs of their all-new Performance Energy Blends gels. Each pack include 6 of the Banana-Blueberry and 6 of the Apple-Mango-Strawberry. We love these things - made with real fruit, they are worlds-away from the gooey old sports gels of the past. We've been stuffing the Minions full of them for the past few months. Now, they're the only thing they'll take on a long ride.

 To have a chance at winning one of the packs, all you have to do is:

  • Buy Blender by this Monday, March 11th. You'll automatically be entered.
  • If you've already bought Blender, then you're already in the pool.
  • We'll draw names out of the pool of all those who have bought Blender (or our 13 pack of videos which includes Blender) and announce them on our Facebook page and through email.
  • You can get Blender here:


David McQuillen
David McQuillen


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