iAmplify review - Matthew Reyes

Spincast - Matthew Reyes at iAmplify 

Sufferfest Rating - ** (out of 5*****)

Cost - 30 USD for pack of 9 workouts

To see what else was going on at iAmplify in their Indoor Cycling section, I bought a few of the spincasts from Matthew Reyes. Umm...after the rather hyper Tracey Mallet stuff, Reyes comes across as....a very calm yoga teacher. Which apparently he is. And a good one, too, judging by the celebrity endorsements at his site. But a spin session needs to be energetic, alive, motivating and something you feel driven to finish. These are - well, boring. The workouts are ok in structure, but nothing surprising. The coaching is way too calm - even he seems a bit bored by it all. The music is terrible, and barely audible.  One nice touch is a set of photographs he includes to show you different positions on the bike - but if you've ever attended a spin class, you're not really going to any value in them.  If you're a more spiritual, sort of yoga-ish kind of cyclist, then maybe this is for you. But I won't be going back to these workouts.

David McQuillen
David McQuillen


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