iAmplify Review - Tracey Mallett

Spincast - Tracey Mallett Mixed Terrain Workout from iAmplify for 10 USD

Rating - *** (out of 5*)

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Since my wife was keen to start spinning, but isn't really keen on watching Greg Lemond attack Laurent Fignon in the '89 Worlds while she rides, I started looking for some other spincasts (is that a word? did I make that up?), and found some over at iAmplify.com. I choose a "Mixed Terrain" workout by trainer Tracey Mallett. It's 45 minutes long and has a variety of intervals, standing climbing sessions and a bit of tempo.

Claire really enjoyed it - and suffered through it, so I thought I would give it a go.  I didn't think much of it at first, as Tracey did a lot of over-the-top motivating and whooping and cheery-cheerful chatting like "now it's time for you to find your inner athlete and go that bit harder..you know your body and you do what is right for your body." She doesn't let up though, and halfway through I was cursing this little blonde monster..she kept telling me to turn the resistance up and never down! Assassin!

The music is a little sketchy - it shifts from techno to some sort of latin thing and back again. It's entertaining enough, though. By the end, I was pretty wiped out - the sign of a good sufferfest (or my quite poor fitness!)

I think the price is a bit much for a single spincast workout. She's also got some packages of four workouts for 30 USD, and I'll see about reviewing some of those in the future.

David McQuillen
David McQuillen


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